Mkoya Travel Marketing

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We keep a close eye on trends within the tourism industry and can give advice with regard to marketing strategy.

If you've just opened a lodge or a tour company and want to know how to make the most of your marketing budget, let us point you in the right direction. The marketing options for tourism businesses are countless. We can help you answer these questions: Where should you advertise? Which websites should you sign up to? What should go on your website? Do you need flyers? And most importantly, how do you stand apart from the other hundreds of tourism businesses you're competing with.

We're especially good at marketing businesses in the backpacker industry. Jacques make a round-the-country trip four times a year. On these trips, he stays at backpacker lodges and chats to both lodge owners and travellers. This gives him a broad insight into some of the movements happening in the backpacking industry.

This knowledge can be valuable for both existing backpacker lodge owners and newcomers to the industry.

We also produce marketing toolkits that provide tips on marketing a small tourism business.