Mkoya Travel Marketing

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We aim all our sites to be informative, easy to use, accessible, search engine friendly and quick to download.

Joomla CMS

Older websites were designed to be edited only by those who had web admin skills. Content Management Systems (CMS) are recent innovations that allow people with little knowledge of web admin to manage their own sites. We build most of our Content Management sites on the Joomla platform. Joomla has many free applications available, and we can modify these to create powerful websites at an affordable price. Joomla is also ideal for clients who want to create or edit material on their websites themselves.

We also incorporate Web 2.0 elements in our websites. These include polls, blogs, reviews, ratings, picture uploads and You Tube videos.

Malealea Tours Malealea Tours

The Malealea Tours site is a rebuild of an existing website. Glenn Jones, the owner, wanted a CMS with more versatility and power than the previous CMS on the site. He also wanted to be able to edit the site himself and build the site gradually. Some of the nifty features include a comprhensive booking form, Google maps and some of Glenn's great photos.

Malealea Lodge & Pony Trekking Malealea Lodge & Pony Trekking

This is the second rebuild of the Malealea site that Mkoya has been involved with. The brief was to move the site from a static HTML format and move it over to a Content Management System. Di Jones has collected an amazing amount of information and photographs in the years that she has been owner of Malealea. Our job was to organise all this data in a clear logical structure. Di's photos definitely win the day!

99 Miles99 Miles Lodges

The 99 Miles site is a virgin build with a new concept in backpacking in South Africa: flash-packing. The site is home to the two lodges owned and run by Loren & Taise from 'Island Vibe' fame. the site has a sophisticated look with a rotating picture module and slideshow on the home page. The site also has an events calendar and Google maps.

South Africa BackpackersSouth Africa Backpackers

South Africa Backpackers and hostels has been going since 2000 and is currently in its fourth rebuild. The new look for the site is a simple fast interface with some added functionality such as reviews. Since the new site was launched the average page view rate per unique visitor has doubled with users spending longer on the site. Return visitors have also doubled.

See Lesotho WebsiteSee Lesotho

See Lesotho was a complete redesign of an old frame-based website. We used accessible-Joomla as the base for the new site. The site is very content heavy and moving the site involved a brand new data structure. We included a weather module and a directory of accommodation in Lesotho.

Afrique Du Sud Backpackers

The Afrique du Sud website needed a fresh look. After a few years of using a free website service, Afrique du Sud decided to go for a unique domain name and moved their website onto a professional platform. Mkoya designed the initial website. We later moved all the existing content onto a new template. The bold and clean Harvest template is by an old favourite, Styleshout.

Backpacker Bus WebsiteBackpacker Bus

Backpacker Bus was a total redesign of an existing website. The original Backpacker Bus website was old and out of date. Mkoya redesigned the site and brought it into the twentieth century. The site was buit on the Joomla CMS platform and includes a directory of all the lodges Backpacker Bus services. Bonita, the manager, has become a dab hand at editing the site herself.

Backpacking South Africa WebsiteBackpacking South Africa

Backpacking South Africa is a site that was built from scratch on the Joomla CMS platform. Special consideration was given to the functionality of the site to make it quick easy and user friendly. The Backpacking South Africa site was a joint venture with Gugulethu Ntombela who provided the excellent programming for the site. The site has grown since then and now has banner advertisements and Google Maps.

Big Blue BackpackersBig Blue Backpackers

The new Big Blue site is a simple one page site that uses the funky Mootools to make it fresh and readible. Other technologies used include Greybox provided by Orangoo Labs.The Virtual Tour of Big Blue makes a dramatic impact in this simple layout.

Soweto Bicycle ToursSoweto Bicycle Tours

Soweto Bicycle Tours is a funky design for a funky business. The website has loads of functionality including click-enlargeable pictures, a guestbook for visitors to post comments, a customised booking form and a videocast of a bicycle tour embedded in the side menu.

Soweto BackpackersSoweto Backpackers

Soweto Backpackers is another Joomla website copied to look like the sister website, Soweto Bicycle Tours. In addition to click-enlargeable pictures, a guestbook for visitors to post comments and a customised booking form, this website also has an events calendar, a latest news blog and a YouTube video of a Miriam Makeba performance in Soweto embedded in a side menu.

Saltycrax BackpackersSaltycrax Backpackers & Tours

Saltycrax is a rebuild of an original Wordpress site. Wordpress had limited functionality for Carla's expanding website. This new Joomla site is full of useful applications - simpler navigation, a rotating picture module on the home page, click-enlargeable pictures, a weather module, a currency converter, a guestbook, Google maps, a community builder and the ability for visitors to upload their photos into the Saltycrax gallery.

Owlhouse BackpackersOwlhouse Backpackers

The bright colours on this simple Joomla website match the vivid colours in Helen Martin's Owlhouse - a good example of Outsider Art. Special features on this website include click-enlargeable pictures and a customised booking form.


Zungeza was the first website on which we used the award-winning JA Purity template. We liked the customisable clean layout, randomly changing header picture, the content layout options and the out of the box typography styles available. The design of the header matches the shweshwe patterned brochure we designed for Zungeza earlier in the year.

Wild Coast HikesWild Coast Hikes

The brief for Wild Coast Hikes was to design a simple one-paged website with a facility for guests to post reviews and for two videocasts to appear. The JA Purity template came in useful again and the result is an concise two-page (one couldn't be done) with striking pictures to make it exciting.

Mandel AgenciesMandel Agencies

This is our first departure from tourism-related websites. Mandel Agencies required an online catalogue of all the products they sell. The solution was Virtuemart, a very powerful open source E-commerce shopping cart solution. The easy-on-the-eye template with it's 'Featured products' slideshow and specifically designed for compatability with Virtuemart was found on JoomlaBamboo.

Great KarooGreat Karoo

Great Karoo is a portal for accommodation in dorpies in the Karoo.We used a favourite template, The Island, as a base and installed another favourite, the powerful SOBI directory to manage the accommodation directory. This site is still under construction as we are finding a programming solution to build the Safarinow affiliate programme into the website.

Nieu BethesdaNieu Bethesda

This is a content-heavy portal website for the Karoo dorpie, Nieu Bethesda. This site is still in construction and we foresee many changes as Sadia and Jacques can't agree on the look and feel. The website will have accommodation listings and the facility for visitors to add comments.