Mkoya Travel Marketing

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Business cards, flyers, brochures, Z-cards, maps, posters, books .... we can do it all.

We prefer to get a brief that would give us an idea of what the client wants. We try to guide the client in the right direction so that marketing material we design is in tune with the business’s personality and the target market.

We specialise in publication design and layout. We have studied the way people read and access information and use this knowledge when laying out books and travel guides. We know what information is most relevant and what can be discarded.

Backpacking South Africa / South African Youth Travel Confederation

Backpacking South Africa and the South African Youth Travel Confederation is a member-based organisation of service providers in the backpacking industry. Over the years, we have been involved in several of their projects.

Conference & AGM 2007

The theme of the conference was 'Shining up our industry'. We found a beautiful image on Flickr of a hand holding up a lit lightbulb against a dark background. We used the image together with simple fonts in metallic colours to create a cover for the conference programme.

BSA AGM 2007

Conference & AGM 2008

The conference was hosted in the Karoo dorpie, Nieu Bethesda, hence the theme "Off the beaten track". Nieu Bethesda is famous for the Owlhouse in which eccentric artist, Helen Martins, created fantastical scultpures out of cement and glass. One of these sculptures was used in the conference logo. We also did the layout and design of the conference programme complete with speakers and delegates information.

BSA AGM 2008

Conference & AGM 2009

The conference theme was 'Up your beat to stay in the game'. We decided to go with a soccer theme and found a good image to use on Istock photo. The image was red and looked like a Coke ad, so we made it green and used the colours of the South African flag as the secondary colours for the logo. We also did the layout and design of the conference programme complete with speakers and delegates information.


Map brochure

the dti kindly sponsored the design and printing of a A3 folded to DL map brochure. We find that wildlife is always a hit with international travellers, so we found a stunning picture of a leopard in SA Tourism's image library to use for the cover. The inside of the website had a map of South Africa, also designed by us.

BSA dti map

SAYTC brochure 2007 & 2008

16 page A4 folder containing the ads of companies that are members of BSA. These are distributed at international trade shows. The 2007 cover was simple with one image and minimal copy but in 2008, we went with a cover with a more magazine feel.

Click here to download the cover.

Click here to download the brochure.

SAYTC 2008

Business cards

Bright, colourful and fit for purpose.

SAYTC business cards

Saltycrax Tours Brochure 2008

Saltycrax was attended an important trade show and needed a brochure to display their tours. We did a 16 page A4 folder in bright colours to reflect the youth and fun of the company and its tours. Thankfully, Saltycrax had a huge collection of pictures to choose from.

Click here to download the SaltyCrax Tours and Volunteering Brochure.

Saltycrax 2008

Moola Magic

Moola Magic is a loyalty discount scheme for travellers to South Africa. We chose bright colours and a universally likeable icon – the cow, as the mascot for the brand. To keep the South African flavour, the cow is the local Nguni breed that is ubiquitous around the country. We designed the logo, posters, guide book, business cards and other marketing material.
Moola Magic decided to print maps to hand out when they sell cards. Maps are A3 sized folded to DL. We have since designed two maps

Moola Magic map


Zungeza is a marketing network among four backpacker lodges in KwaZulu Natal. We created a design based on shwe-shwe fabric as the background for the brochure that the fellowship wanted. The outside of the A5 sized brochure provided information on the lodges and destinations. The inside has a map of KwaZulu-Natal.

Zungeza brochure

Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA)

FTTSA were needing a brochure that they can use to market to travellers as well as tourism businesses. Despite the seriousness of the idea of Fair Trade, pictures of happy people gives this brochure a lighter mood.

Fair Trade in Tourism

Soweto Bicycle Tours

Soweto Bicycle Tours is a funky business with a hip township appeal. The brief we were given when creating an identity was that it should be colourful. The sister business, Soweto Backpackers already had a logo, and we borrowed an image of a cyclist from the logo for the logo of Soweto Bicycle Tours and gave it a fresh lick of paint.


Soweto Bicycle Tours now have a big collection of happy people pictures. We were asked to create a poster using many of these images. We did, but used the colourful Orlando Towers as well as a sign saying 'Welcome to Soweto' as a background for the poster.

Soweto Bicycle Tours Poster

Business card

Simple job using the material we already had to create a business card.

Soweto Bicycle Tours business card

Soweto Backpackers

Soweto Backpackers had an existing logo and colour scheme. We used the logo and simplified it to use on their website. They liked the result so much, they asked us to use the design on their business cards.

Soweto Backpackers Business cards